Architecturists of Fashion

The story of FIRMA begins in the reunited Berlin of the nineties that became a synonym for modernism, innovation and the avant-garde. Firma stands for the style of the city in a way no other label can.

"The city of Berlin and its story are part of our identity. From the golden twenties and the crazy eighties until today, Berlin provides the stories, we provide the outfits."

Biesenbach's and Tillessen's ambition is to create clothes that are a reflexion of contemporary times. By this means FIRMA stands in the traditions of the avant-garde movements of the nineteen twenties.

"The Pioneers of the Bauhaus movement are our heroes because our ideals are the


same – radical, avant-garde and yet timeless design. We simply don't understand why someone shouldn't demand as much from a piece of clothing as you would from another design classic."

Daniela Biesenbach and Carl Tillessen have created an internationally successful brand without imitating international idols; the label is a model for a new and self-confident German fashion design.

"Every single FIRMA product is made in the European Union, as we believe in manufacturing in countries where extremely high standards for the preservation of the environment and working conditions are guaranteed by law."


1994: The two fashion designers Carl Tillessen and Daniela Biesenbach meet each other in Berlin.

1998: They launch their own menswear line called FIRMA in Paris.

2001: As the winner of a worldwide contest FIRMA is given the "Best International Designer Award" by German Menswear Institute.

2003: The two FIRMA designers are medalled with the "Goldene Nase", the highest award of the fashion press, for their merits in Berlin.

2005: The first FIRMA eastside store is inaugurated in Berlin.

2006: The menswear line is followed by a FIRMA womenswear line.


2006: Being considered the best out of 1.500 womenswear collections shown at the Prêt-à-Porter show in Paris FIRMA is granted the Electrolux Fashion Award.

2008: The FIRMA eastside store moves to its new location in Mulackstraße 1.

2009: The new FIRMA eastside store is chosen to be 1 of the "200 outstandingly designed stores of the world" by FRAME magazine.

2009: FIRMA MEN'S SKIN CARE is launched

2013: The FIRMA westside store is inaugurated in Bleibtreustraße 13 in Berlin.

2015: Due to the dramatic changes in fashion business, Carl Tillessen and Daniela Biesenbach decide to discontinue FIRMA. Winter 14/15 is the last collection.