Dear clients,

most of you have already read it in the papers: Sad to say after 18 years we’re going to discontinue the FIRMA collection. In this interview with German FAZ newspaper we’re explaining why:

I.e. the autumn/winter collection that is in the shops now is the last one. It’s a beautiful goodbye that this last collection is selling particularly well – so well that we do not have enough merchandise for both our Berlin stores. That is why our Westside Store in Bleibtreustraße is closed from now on. Our Eastside Store in Mulackstraße 1 in Berlin-Mitte is going to be open for you


until end of February 2015 though. For fairness sake we think we should let you know, that if the season continues the way it is going, we won’t be having enough merchandise for a proper seasonal clearance sale and far less for a closing-down sale. So if you wish to own a "collectors item" from this very last FIRMA collection, it’s now or never.

It’s not yet "goodbye", but "thank you" from all of our hearts for your faith and various support,

Daniela Biesenbach & Carl Tillessen

New Collection

The FIRMA collection for autumn/winter 2014/2015 is in stores now and can be checked out here!

It’s all about relaxed elegance, understated design and subtle sexiness. In other words: being elegant, special and sexy without even looking like trying. It’s about mixing and matching without being too matchy-matchy. Various shades of heathered grey, clay, taupe and camel are in perfect harmony without looking like coordinates clothing. Layers of cashmere, washed wool and brushed cotton jersey make a classy dressed look with a comfy home wear feel.

Click here! Relax! Enjoy!

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New Collection

The collection for spring/summer 2014 is dedicated to flying – full of hints to the great times of aviation, recalling the heroic Berlin airlift, evoking the glamorous and adventurous side of flying, yet meeting a long distance travellers function and comfort requirements, all kept in classic air force and flight company colours like various shades of grey, khaki, navy and white...

This new collection is available now, in stores and online! You can see all styles and descriptions if you click here. Enjoy!!


The bag is back! Out of stock for a long time, back now: The GROPIUS BAG

For the first time, the classic among the FIRMA bags is available not only in classic black, but also in tobacco-brown, midnight-blue, air-force-grey and concrete-grey. Very limited edition! So get yours before it’s out of stock again.

New Collection

"Victor should have been a Jazz musician.", the new collection for autumn/winter 2013/2014 is available now, in stores and online! It’s a bit of 1920s mixed with a whole lot of 2014: sheer fabrics, feathers, sequins, satin… Glamorous and yet very easy to wear. Warm winter colours that range from dark mud and taupe to chocolate brown and shiny copper… and black on black, of course. You can see all styles and descriptions if you click here. Enjoy!!

FIRMA Westside Store, Berlin

On Friday, 22nd of February 2013, the second FIRMA flagship store at Bleibtreustraße 13, Berlin-Charlottenburg, had its grand opening. In a fleet of white Mercedes Benz limousines several hundred guests came to check the new location with a cool Belvedere Vodka drink in one hand and a delicious snack by star chef Markus Semmler in the other hand. Among the guests were celebrities and style icons like Katja Riemann, Minu Barati-Fischer, Sönke Möhring, Susanne Bormann and Julie Engelbrecht to name just a few.

From the outside the one storey building on the corner of Bleibtreustraße and


Niebuhrstraße looks like a classic modernist pavilion. The inside of the 110 square meter space was completely redone by architect Maria Tillessen ( Using rectangular elements in the corporate colours – black, ecru and silver – she created an unusual sensation of space by having only half of the furniture stand on the ground and having the other half hang from the ceiling.

Just like the first shop in Berlin Mitte, the new flagship store is stocking the complete men’s wear line and the complete women’s wear line, including all limited editions and hard-to-get-items.

New Collection

The new collection for spring/summer 2013 is available now! You can see all styles (not in all fabrics and colours possible though) if you click "Collections / S/S 2013".

We created the special look of this collection by merging the two most legendary decades in the history of Berlin – the golden twenties and the crazy eighties: A subtle powder shade meets plain black, satin silk meets leather, soft draping meets bold graphic... Once more the fabulous Admiralspalast with its sleek modern staircase curving through a glamorous 1920’s building was the perfect backdrop for the photo shooting. Hair and make-up artist, Jazz Mang (, contributed the 20ies-meets-80ies-couture-feather-Mohawk-wig.


Having performance artist and former America’s Next Top Model Candidate, Megg Morales (,, as model was an inspiration of its own for our favourite photographer, Martin Mai, who captured her and her male counterpart, beautiful gymnast and model Pelle (, in a nocturnal photo session. During which the song “Was ziehst du an heute Nacht?” released in 1981 by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft was putting us in the right mood and gave the collection its name. Jutta Drewes did the final art work and layout on the catalogue.

Please check out the digital version here.

New Collection

The new collection for autumn/winter 2012/2013 is available now! You can see all styles (not in all fabrics and colours possible though) if you click "Collections / A/W 2012/2013". Although the collection is not only about black, but also about bright red and beautiful shades of grey, we decided to photograph only black clothes in a completely black space. So our favourite photographer, Martin Mai, shot models Ulrike Theusner and Steffen (the one from the skin care clip) of M4models on the empty stage of Admiralspalast Berlin. Troy Dabski did the hair and make-up. Jutta Drewes did the final art work and lay out on the catalogue. Hope you like the pictures as much as we do.

Please check out the complete "ILLEGAL BEAUTY" catalogue here.

Online Shop

Our Berlin flagship store stocks the complete collection including all limited editions and hard-to-get-items and can provide worldwide shipping.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via e-mail: or Or just call +49 30 40054047.

Should you wish to have information regarding fabrics, fitting, colours… we’ll be glad to advise you.


There are cosmetics that work and there are cosmetics that are well designed. In this case, however, a company that stands for effective cosmetics and a company that stands for good design have joined forces. Together with L'ESTÉTIC, the two FIRMA designers have developed a line of grooming products for discerning men.

Whereas the basis of almost all creams and lotions in the facial and body care sector previously consisted of water, here the undiluted leaf gel of organically grown aloe vera from Brazil has been used. The gel from the leaf of the desert plant contains over 270 active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, including vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. In the cosmetic sector aloe vera has proven itself as an optimal hydrator,


but is also known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

The exclusive FIRMA MEN'S SKIN CARE line consists of purely natural cosmetics without any animal-based raw materials and has been produced without the use of mineral oils and paraffin, as well as preservatives, parabens and allergenic fragrances. It contains highly-concentrated plant-based active ingredients and purely botanical oils. As a result of the valuable hyaluronic acids (an active ingredient, which can hold up to six litres of water per gram) the products considerably slow down the skin's ageing process.

Please check for further information.


Paying homage to Walter Gropius, FIRMA developed an exclusive multifunctional leather bag for the 90th anniversary of Bauhaus.

Berlin, July 17th 2009: For the ninetieth anniversary of the Bauhaus - the origin of modern architecture, design and art - the designers of FIRMA decided to do something extraordinary to mark this event: The GROPIUS BAG, which is named after the founder of the art academy in Weimar, is functional and aesthetically unique. By opening the side zippers, it can be increased to double or triple its original size. From a small laptop bag or briefcase it can quickly be transformed into a weekender.


Made from one-hundred percent herbal tanned and colored horse leather the bag is both soft and robust. Furthermore FIRMA is using precision zips from Switzerland that have had every single tooth of the Zip polished several times. Due to this one-of-a-kind procedure the Riri metal closures are known as being one of the best in the world.

The GROPIUS BAG is available in exclusive shops all over the world and in the FIRMA flagship store on Mulackstrasse in Berlin-Mitte.